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Application Steps

Step 1: School Visit

Before submitting an application, we advise all families to come and visit our admissions office in person. Appointments can be arranged via our online form

The admissions team is always keen to meet families from all backgrounds to discuss whether a child’s needs and aspirations can be supported here. An opportunity to meet one of the school leaders can be arranged.

Step 2: Submit an Application

Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Application forms can be downloaded from the applications page and sent by post or email. Each application form (one per child) must be accompanied by supporting documents and the Application Fee. 

The documents that are required at this stage include:

  • A completed application form (one per child)
  • Copy / scan of child’s passport
  • Copy / scan of child's visa (if appropriate)
  • Copy / scan of parents’ passports
  • Copy / scan of parents’ visas (if appropriate)
  • Copy / scan of parents’ work visas (if relevant)
  • Copy / scan of child’s house registration (Thai families only)
  • Copy / scan of child’s birth certificate
  • Copy / scan of previous school reports for current academic year and preceding academic year (translated into English)
  • Child’s medical certificate (letter of good health)
  • 2 ID photos (jpeg if emailed)
  • The Application Fee 

In addition, if the applicant has any special needs or disabilities parents must notify the school at this stage and provide the school with full written details and reports as prepared by an Educational Psychologist or other appropriate specialist where available. Parents should be aware that the school reserves the right to withdraw a place from a prospective or current student when special needs or disabilities have not been disclosed. Further details regarding Special Educational Needs will be provided in the admissions FAQs page in due course.

Step 3: Pay the Application Fee

The Application Fee (THB 5,000 per application) can be paid in cash to the Accounts Department (, by cheque (made payable to Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Co., Ltd ), or by bank transfer. Please see the Fees page for payment details.

Step 4: Student Assessment

All applications will be reviewed by the Principal. If the Selection Criteria are met, the applicant will then invited to school for an assessment.

The Assessment Process and Selection Criteria vary according to the age of the child and the entry point into the school.

In addition to assessing current academic and linguistic attainment, our procedures are also designed to assess the character of the Applicant, and their potential to adapt to and thrive in our ambitious learning environment. The process also helps us to identifying any particular levels of support they may need to help them reach their goals, and understand whether Shrewsbury is the right fit for them.

(Please note that we will not assess applicants any earlier than 12 months prior intended enrolment date, and they will not be offered a place until the school is satisfied that all entry criteria, including successful assessment, have been met. Should a family wish to apply significantly in advance of the intended enrolment date, they should therefore expect a significant delay before any further action is taken with regards to assessment and decision).

Further details of our assessment process and criteria are outlined in the Admissions FAQs

Step 5: The Decision

The application for each child (including application form, assessment results and reports from previous schools) will be reviewed by the Principal who will make the final decision as to whether an offer is to be made. Following the decision, parents are notified by the admissions team as to whether the application has been successful or not.

Step 6: Accepting a Place / Enrolment

Where an application has been successful, a Letter of Acceptance will be sent together with an Acceptance of Place Form and Guaranteed Place Fee invoice. A Medical Insurance Letter and a copy of the School’s Terms and Conditions booklet will be issued in due course. (Please note that the School’s Terms and Conditions will be amended from time to time and that the active version is always accessible to parents once their child is enrolled at the school).

The Acceptance of Place Form must be signed and returned with the Guaranteed Place Fee in strict accordance with the timeline set out in the Letter of Acceptance. Failure to comply by the date set out in the Letter of Acceptance may result in the offer being withdrawn and the place being offered to another applicant.

Prior to being enroled at Shrewsbury, families must submit any outstanding documents and fees that are due for the first term (or remaining part thereof).

Further Questions

For admissions enquiries email our admissions team: